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Malton Rd
United Kingdom

We craft custom guitars and other stringed instruments by hand using traditional methods in our Cambridgeshire workshop. We strive to uphold the artistry of instrument construction and maintain close relationships with our clients.

Custom guitars, handmade in rural Cambridgshire.

Eagle Rose Guitars want to give you something that is truly yours.

Millions of guitars are produced on production lines every year; their function is sound but we think they lack a certain personality.

Oliver Eagle-Wilsher and Jim Rose have a different view. The instruments built here in our Cambridgeshire workshop are all unique and they are as at home sitting on the wall to be admired as they are in your hands, singing. We produce guitars with paintings inside the soundhole, using unusual woods and fascinating techniques.

When you commission a guitar or any other stringed instrument from us you’re receiving a promise that what you ultimately receive will be an individual, a statement. We will work closely with you every step of the way to achieve that goal.